• Until 9th February, 2024 – online registration to the conference indicating desirable section or seminar and abstract of the presentation (up to 200 words)
  • Until 4th March, 2024 – e-mail submission of the article prepared under the requirements (max. 6 pages) (zmogaus.sauga@vdu.lt). Articles will be reviewed by the members of Scientific Committee.
  • Until 20th March, 2024 – e-mail submission of the following:
    • final version of the article;
    • author’s guarantee form;
    • copy of payment order;
    • authors’ answers to the reviewer comments (if necessary).
  • Until 29th March 2024 – decision of scientific committee if the article conforms the requirements and can be published.
    Authors will be notified ONLY if the article has been declined.